• 21 September 2023
  • UV Gown


Maison Rami Kadi, under the visionary guidance of Creative Director Rami Kadi, showcased a transformative fashion spectacle with the Intergovernmental Organization COP28 at Expo City Dubai alongside Stella McCartney, that seamlessly blends opulence with sustainability. The event reflects Rami Kadi's commitment to eco-conscious design, echoing the rhythm of the ocean in each gown. The show taking place during the UN Fashion Summit, showcased 10 sustainable couture gowns adorned with bio-based embroideries and ethically sourced embellishments.

This initiative aligns with the Maison's mission to support the global climate agenda and signifies a move towards more sustainable fashion practices, reinforcing Maison Rami Kadi as a pioneer in sustainable fashion practices and green technology innovations, having acquired the position of UN Goodwill ambassador for sustainable fashion in West Asia after being appointed in 2020.

From the timeless allure of "Film Noir," where crystal adorned gowns meet sustainable fabrics, to the spiritual odyssey of "Mantra," featuring holographic embroideries and eco-friendly materials, the showcase transcends mere fashion, delving into the heart of sustainability. "Le Reveil" reflects life's indomitable spirit through vibrant colors and dresses crafted from recycled materials, while "Lucid Algorithms" explores the fusion of technology and couture with holographic materials and recycled fabrics. Culminating in "Kaleidoscope," the collection embarks on a quest for harmony through a mesmerizing array of textures and patterns. Here, sustainability takes center stage with the introduction of the first dress made entirely from recycled plastic, symbolizing Rami Kadi's dedication to environmental responsibility.

The Ocean themed fashion show displayed 10 Rami Kadi couture dresses that serve as a powerful reminder that emphasizes the brand's unwavering commitment to marrying elegance with eco-conscious practices in a seamless union of luxury and sustainability, echoing the timeless beauty and depth of the ocean. The show gracefully concludes with the mother of pearl couture gown that evokes the fluidity and luminescence of ocean waves, by combining a satin bodice with a pleated organza skirt adorned with sustainable tulle and cruelty-free feathers, and a vaporous lime gown embellished with tear crystals, bio- based sequins, featuring a voluminous ruffled organza skirt and bolero.

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