Rami Kadi - The Designer

The Designer

Rami Kadi, a Lebanese-American fashion designer, creative mind rapidly gaining international recognition.

At an early age of 25, in May 2011, Rami started paving his professional designer career, with the launch of his own showroom and opening of his first atelier in the heart of Beirut. A place for him to present his Couture creations and to craft unique pieces attracting a wide range of international clientele including royalty.

With a solid commitment and incredible aspiration, it was only natural that, in 2014, he started showcasing his collections in the capital of luxury and glamour, Paris, during the city’s official fashion weeks. While maintaining extraordinary craftsmanship, he held his debut Fashion Show during Paris fashion week in January 2019.

Along the same vein, Rami Kadi pioneered the environmentally conscious fashion cyber-show in 2020, that was the first in the Middle East and that served as an expression of keeping abreast with technological advances and the idea of universal connectivity that these advances enable. This show reflected Kadi's mission to reduce the overall carbon footprint that fashion contributes to.

Recognized for his strong commitment to environmental causes within the feild of sustainable fashion, Rami Kadi was designated the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Regional Goodwill Ambassador for Sustainable Fashion in West Asia as of September 2020.

Rami Kadi owns and manages his couture house from Beirut-Lebanon, designing evening and bridal couture dresses and operating his label worldwide. Today, his glamorous impact appeals to celebrities on the red carpet and international press, evidently portrayed by taking over the 72nd & 74th editions of the Cannes Film Festival, in addition to the 76th, 77th, & 78th editions of the Venice Film Festival, and becoming the name to wear for internationally recognized stars on the red carpets as claimed by prestigious world-known press organizations. 

Rami Kadi is a contemporary Couturier passionate about modern tailoring. He stands out with his distinctive creations and nouvelle couture, as he includes technology and innovation to his work.  He leaves a unique mark in his masterpieces, offering a kaleidoscopic explosion of colors and sparkles, high finish and definite impact. Being hip and young, he embraces embroidery as the essence of his creations. Through his collections, he pays tribute to “hand-made” work, the art he is particularly fond of. His masterpieces were worthy of global press recognition as Kadi was mentioned in the top leading international fashion and style magazines.

As a pioneer in fashion technology, Rami Kadi has recently embarked on a journey of digital fashion by immersing his couture collections in the Metaverse. He launched his first Spring-Summer 2022 NFT collection, entitled “Lucid Algorithms”, on the Cardano blockchain. This collection consists of 120 tokens, created by a joint effort between Rami Kadi’s couture creativity and the Algorithm’s computation of it, in what designates the first ever human-machine couture collaboration of this scale in the fashion world. Lucid Algorithms is currently available for purchase on our website and jpg.store .

Rami Kadi's weak eyesight was never an obstacle, as Rami feels his fabrics and envisions them in his mind differently: “Sometimes, though, I remove my glasses and try to figure out what a fabric or detail is, and imagine it differently,” he says. To him, a pixelated vision and an intriguing shimmer are the triggers for his love for shine.
With an unmatchable insight, sharpness and unique inspiration, Rami Kadi weaved to an incredible sense of craftsmanship that make his creations remarkable.


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