Rami Kadi - Collections - COUTURE - FALL-WINTER 2017 - Details


It is her who gives life as she sprinkles blossoming flowers


In the shadow of women


By standing in their shadow, Rami Kadi has redefined women according to their own desires. This collection first and foremost reveres Womanhood. It is a hymn to the 21st century Amazon, a warrior ready to defy dark challenges that come across her way.


It is her who gives life as she sprinkles blossoming flowers from within her hand-embroidered dresses. “O fleeting beauty” whose absence would drown our world into abysmal everlasting nights? She is spreading her black-feathered wings towards freedom, impertinently resisting to obscurantism.


The designer is exalting the idea of a woman. She, who has inspired war and peace. She, who has never allowed herself to surrender. She, who celebrates creation through pearls, sequins, suede and raffia. She, who shields herself in laser-cut leather to resist those who try and subject her. This same Woman would rip herself apart like fragile lace for those who matter for her.


Rami Kadi stages a modern Woman who still fades in centuries of tragedies to only come out stronger and prouder. But who knows what is really going through her mind?  


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