Rami Kadi - Collections - COUTURE - FALL-WINTER 2015 - Details


The Traits Of Arab Architecture , Ethereal Geometric Forms And Symmetric Waves Led Me To The New Arabesque 

Rami Kadi

A tale of a thousand and one Arabesques.

Rami Kadi’s 2015 F/W is an edgy mix of classic Arab architecture features, deconstructured silhouettes and exquistite embroidery

The typical traits of the Arab architectures, ethereal geometric forms, lines and symmetric waves, meet the cool modernity of a couture collection hand crafted with the most antique techniques of embroidery. This “new arabesque” injects a smart and up-to-date energy on dresses, mini skirts, crop tops,full skirts, capes, jumpsuits, coats and long dresses.
A very precious, yet contemporary and edgy, couture collection, designed for modern queens, women with a sophisticated glamour, in search of a unique style and a twist.

The collection is Rami Kadi’s, the upcoming Lebanese couturier with a keen eye on mixing contemporary cuts, luxury, craftsmanshipand alluring femininity.
His style is the expression of a detailed oriented philosophy. The collection, entirely hand made, is an accurate métissage of sartorial innovation and embroidery techniques, the most antique of the entire Ottoman Empire.

Knotted leather became a never seen fabric, combination of beads and little stones are supremely aligned, silk and fur play chromatic games, feathers are embellished to create a royal coat... And again, hyper feminine bodices that look like a peacock plumage, charlestonesque cascade of beads, silk embellished gowns, metallic plates, filigree, multicoloredraffia’s yarns, and a vivid and refined palette of colors: aquamarine, brick red, okra, poudré, black & white.
The chemistry of this collection is based on deconstructed silhouettes and dramatically edgy cuts, whether they are uber fitted or ultra loose.  The volumes play with proportions: a fitted crop top is mixed with a big full skirt, a loose top with a tight skirt. Refined corsages, with a nude back effect, enhance the long skirts; while the minidresses gently wrap up the arms and the décolleté.

Luxury and chic­­­­ creations, designed for the new goddess of today: jetsetters, aristo chic, princesses all over the world.


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