Rami Kadi - Collections - COUTURE - FALL-WINTER 2016 - Details


I Was Captivated By These Enchanted Fairylike Lanterns That Were Powerful Enough To Be The Remedy Of My Phobia.

Rami Kadi

Fireflies, a dreamlike collection, was born out of the struggle against an obsessive fear of insects, out of the fight to escape a phobia, paying tribute to this startling torment.  

Met with the twin emotions of attraction and revulsion,Rami Kadi plunged passionately in the analysis of these creatures’ aesthetics and graceful movements, a plunge into the wondrous world of the infinitely small. This exploration pushes him relentlessly to question the meaning of beauty and subjectivity: does fear not ultimately veil true beauty?

FW16 couture“Lucioles”collection is ornamented with embroidered insects and references to the horrorgenre, magnified through sumptuous dresses and trousers with capes or trains embellished with ostrich feathers or Argentine fox. An elegant fitted dress with smooth fox fur sleeves or another pristine piece with a bell-shaped mink skirt, celebrate the beginning of a metamorphosis, one that opens the mind tolook beyond the obviousand find beauty.Collars, for their part, are closed. Is this to better contain fears or perhaps to reflect their dignity in the face ofcenturies of undue rejection? Another style made with hand woven mohair, puffed up with tulle reveals on its surface a multitude of laser-cut insects withbright, intimidating antennae. These luminous outgrowths mirrorthe inspiration behind Rami Kadi’s glittering collection. 

Fireflies, with their twinkling light that brings magic to warm summer evenings, fascinated him the most. Transcending them became inevitable. At 16, while in the United States, the magic he was about to witness far exceeded any mere fantasy.

He was captivated by theseenchanted,fairylike lanterns, clouds of living stars suspended in the night. All around himwas a bejeweled sky where countless steadily glowing, slowly wandering fireflies guided him through the darkness. This dreamlike experience takes shape today in the form of creationswhere silk, sequin leaves and other sparkling materials dazzle an often-fearful eye to reconcile it with the mysterious world of insects.

Powerful, was his remedy to overcome his phobia:Rami Kadi invested 400 hours of work for certain styles, requiring specific techniques and know-how ranging from sketch development to silk braiding,giving patterns a three-dimensional impression. This savoir-faire and attention to detail come to life inhis princess dress: crafted with fishnet lace, infested with glowing little creatures in all their fuzzy glory, it inspires wonder and rekindles the spark in our eye.


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